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For restaurants / cafés

How do you welcome your guests?


We have an exclusive tradition idea for welcoming customers and creating a comfy atmosphere.

Powdercandle has endless ways of use limited only by your own imagination.

Watch the video and see how you could use the powder candle.

+ is always new and fresh
+ is plant-based
+ is in the same price range as paraffin candles
+ you can choose your own preferred container
+ container will always be clean
+ many interior design options
+ create a welcoming tradition for customers

and we will tell you

more about it!

Powdercandle solves many of the problems why restaurants opt not to use candles for a lovely light in the dark nights. Here are some examples why a regular candle is not a good option for a restaurant or a café.


- Burn out quickly
- They soot and paraffin is unhealthy
- No exquisite options
- Look cheap and not presentable
- Leave behind a useless aluminum container

+ Rather cheap

Affordable, but not elegant and do not fit with a refined interior.

Wholesale packages
Additional discount from the listed price for regular buyers.

and we will tell you

more about it!

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